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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The project cost depends on:

  • Depending on the complexity of the project

  • From the number of project hours calculated according to the estimate

  • The number of employees working on the project at the same time

Our company does not implement standard projects. We cannot reduce the cost of developed products by replicating them for this reason.

In the process of working with us, we do not set the main task of developing the site. The main goal of our work is to determine together with the client the way of development of the company on the Internet and to realize the intended work.

We can compete on price due to the lower wages of our employees because we are located in a region where the cost of living is relatively low.

An hour of work of our specialists on average costs 25$/hour.

On the market, usually an hour of programmer's work costs 30$ rubles/hour, in Moscow its can be from 40$-60$ per hour. In the USA price off 1-hour work usually cost 70$-80$.

  • Start of work on technical task. 50% prepayment for technical task

  • Approval of the technical task

  • Start of the design stage: payment of 50% for the technical task, prepayment for design 50%

  • Approval of the design

  • Start of programming: 50% payment for design, 50% prepayment for development

  • Completion of the development phase

  • Release: final payment for the project

We use a phased payment system for the project and work according to the SCRUM methodology which in essence is an installment plan.

All our products are guaranteed for 6 months. The warranty includes:

  • Correction of identified defects in the operation of a website

  • Consulting and support for management of a website

  • Training employees to work with an administration panel

From a month.

We have two very flexible project managers in our company: Anton Goncharov and Alexander Oschepkov. You can do whatever you want with them ))) Especially they like calls at 3 am :-D. How they cope we have not yet fully understood. They can simultaneously and successfully supervise up to 8 projects.

All our clients interact with us through the Planfix CRM system which at any convenient time you can track the progress of the project. In addition, we provide a weekly progress report and agree on a list of work for the next week.


Up to 6 months after the launch of the project, we fix it according to the warranty. We carry out troubleshooting work that occurred 6 months after the launch of the project as part of an additional agreement or an administration agreement.

Based on our experience, clients often come up with new ideas and improvements to the project rather than because of a breakdown.

The result cannot but please because each stage of development before execution is agreed by you.

As a rule, disagreement can be at the stage of development of the design layout of the project. We guarantee that not a single project will go to the next stage and you will not pay for it until we eliminate all constructive objections to the design of your site.

In the event that something went completely wrong, we terminate the contract in accordance with the agreed conditions.

Yes. We can conclude a contract with you to develop a project.

Firstly, we can offer you a permanent discount of 10% with a 100% prepayment for the entire development of the project before the date specified in the contract.

Secondly, you are always entitled to determine the necessary modules for launching the project and the remaining ones to finalize after the project is launched.

We can help you write a business plan for the project to be submitted to companies involved in venture capital investments in IT projects and startups.

Non-standard projects are our profile. Each of our projects is a unique development that solves specific business problems.

90% of our customers are companies with we work remotely. Our company has a business process that allows us to interact with customers without loss of time and product quality.

  • Continuous communication and reporting via Skype

  • Setting tasks and monitoring their implementation through the Planfix CRM system

The qualification of our programmers allows us to develop modules on virtually any software platform.

In the survey, 70% of customers chose “competency” as our primary advantage. And it is really true. We can confirm this as follows:

  • Work strictly according to the technical specifications

  • Deadlines

  • We respect all our customers as ourselves

  • Honest and open

  • We generate ideas and bring them to life

  • We follow and implement trends in programming and in general in digital

  • At least 2 times a year we go to study

  • We carry out technically complex projects that other web studios refuse

  • “Program code is our Bible.”

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