We will develop a website that will bring money to your business, and not take away

  • unique design
  • work on terms of reference and contract
  • SEO-optimized
  • user-friendly

We develop technically complex websites and web services for any business tasks

We are an in-house company that uses only advanced IT technologies for the development of sites and web services, including highload-class, with a voluminous structure, capable of withstanding high loads (databases with thousands of requests per second, simultaneous payment of 10 thousand users per website, uploads up to 500 GB, etc.).

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Russian Railways

How do we do it

We start from the business objectives of the company

For example, increase sales by 2 times per year using IT solutions, launch a wholesale department, expand to new regions, increase customer loyalty, establish logistics, etc.

We carry out basic SEO optimization

Basic SEO optimization allows a website to be effectively ranked by search engines right after launch. As a result: the client does not spend additional budget on SEO specialists

We standardize development technologies

This means that we can transfer the program code to other developers for further work. Also, our company undertakes the development of an already started project

We continue to develop projects after launch

For example, the site of the company "SNPmarket" over the years of work from an Internet store has grown into a marketplace with its own checkpoint system. Today "SNPmarket" is free of advertising and promotion, only through competent development, earns hundreds of millions of rubles

We automate familiar business processes using IT solutions

Automation allows you to reduce production costs, increases the loyalty of existing customers, and saves the company's salary. For example, online booking and buying tickets replaces the work of two cashiers, the development and implementation of a checkpoint helps to get rid of the queue in the trading floor, the automation of warehouse logistics increases wholesales, etc.

And this is how we do it

We study the business processes of the company

We analyze competitors both in the region and beyond. We investigate the needs and behavior of our customers' clients.

Putting forward and testing hypotheses

Our client never comes for a finished product, he has an idea and our task is to find the best solutions and make them an integral part of the client's business.

We draw up a business plan

Building business models using Lean Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder. We also draw up smart maps, where we describe all business processes of the company from A to Z, highlight persons, target audience, etc.

We innovate, analyze, improve

Since we work for the benefit of business, we tie all IT innovations to the business processes of the company. Over time, any company undergoes changes. Then we analyze the previously implemented IT solutions, improve, refine.

Automation example: Postamat

In 2019, the SNPmarket company had a need to reduce the queue at the checkout. To solve this problem, we conducted a study and proposed to develop a checkpoint for issuing small-sized orders.

And in 2020 we launched a postamat. As a result, we got rid of queues and got even more satisfied customers. Our client has increased his income by 24%. Having received a positive result, the client ordered a checkpoint system from us for all cities of his presence.

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We work effectively remotely

For 7 years Magneex has been successfully cooperating with companies from Moscow, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Krasnoyarsk, etc. To control the work of all employees, we use cloud-based project management systems - Planfix.

We work on the flexible SCRUM system

This means that we are working in sprints. One sprint = one week. First, we make a working version of the site, launch it. And in the next sprint, we will develop additional functionality, such as personal accounts, acquiring, etc. Paying for sprint work is very similar to an installment plan.


Laravel, symfony, nuxt.

vue, typescript, nuxt, webpack.

mariadb, redis, sphinx.

docker, nginx, systemctl, git, telegraf, message broker gearman.

npm, composer.

Jestjs visual testing (and other analogs from large frameworks).

Business problems that we solve with the help of development

Reduced maintenance time

Implementation of automatic issuance of orders using a postamat, implementation of payment through an online store, development of smart chatbots for couriers, delivery services, etc.

Increasing business profitability

Automation of manual work, where possible, combining offline and online customer data using API, in order to reduce marketing costs, etc.

Automation of internal processes

CRM implementation, automation of contracts, invoices, salary issuance, KPI setting, development of bots for technical support, etc.

Logistics optimization

Automation of processes related to the transportation of goods, inventory control, tracking the location and condition of goods, invoicing customers, etc.

Increasing the customer base

Website or web service development, catalog improvement, as well as other UI\UX characteristics of an existing website. Internet marketing will be of great importance here, which will attract new traffic to the site.

Entering new regions

Development of an online store scalable throughout Russia, acquiring, logistics, adaptive catalog, personal accounts, etc.

Reduced fixed costs

To do this, we automate the procurement and sales processes, pricing, warehouse management, as well as settlements with customers and suppliers, etc.

Increasing the loyalty of existing customers

The introduction of a post office, your customers will be grateful to you, because you saved them their precious time, the development of electronic loyalty cards, etc.

Automation of interaction with third-party resources

CRM development, connection of bank acquiring (Directly with a bank or through an aggregator), integration with 1C, with transport companies, with ESIA, with banks, etc.

We train and develop the market

Our employees conduct seminars and lectures at the Institute of IT Technologies, act as experts at conferences, are invited as narrow specialists to government agencies, participate in hackathons: in 2020 they took part in the "Digital Breakthrough"


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