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Quality control

Is is no secret that many of business processes in our company were borrowed from the wonderful SCRUM studio Sibirix. Proceeding from the logic that the well-established processes of our brothers in arms already exist, we did not want to reinvent the wheel. But, of course, we did optimized something for our work. Quality of work is a multifaceted indicator that can be added up from various characteristics. At Magneex, we divide all the quality characteristics into technical and creo/usability.

The technical characteristics of the releasing product are tested in two ways: firstly, this is unit-testing of the written functions. In essence, this is writing of program code that checks the operation of functions on boundary and other values. The second method of testing is presented in the form of a large test list, I will give some excerpts from it for a greater understanding. There is a total of about 230 tests.

  • Page generation speed;
  • Google PageSpeed optimization;
  • html layout and performance in different browsers;
  • check on slow bandwidth;
  • check on the validity of the code;
  • break points correspond to the type of device (phone, tablet);
  • minimum resolution - 320px;
  • meta tags;
  • sitemap;
  • 404 page;
  • etc.

The second type of quality indicator is creo / usability. Typically, this phase of testing takes place involving testing of people with characteristics similar to those that we have described in the persons method at the «Aggregation requirements» development stage. Focus groups are given certain scenarios that they have to complete on the site, for example:

  • make the purchase of several products;
  • subscribe to newsletter;
  • order a free metering;
  • compare products;
  • find a related article;
  • etc.

Each of the scenarios has fields with questions:

  • what caused the difficulty in completing the task?
  • how long did it take to complete the task?

After testing, we collect feedback, process it and, if necessary, make edits. In special cases, the focus group meets again, but from other people.

This is how quality control is carried out in our company. It should be noted that testing is carried out not only at the final stages of development, but at intermediate stages too.

If you want to talk with our tester about his difficult life, do not hesitate and send a request in the form below.

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