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Specialized services for solving problems of interaction with suppliers and consumers of your products and services. By services we mean:
  • Product delivery systems
  • Automated sales representatives systems
  • Sale of vendor products bypassing the warehouse
  • Solutions for interaction of company departments with consumers of products and services
  • Development of auction mechanics

Online stores

Development of an online store is a natural continuation of the development of your business on the Internet. It is not necessary to talk about the benefits of online stores, this topic has already been described on hundreds of resources. But I can give you a short list of conditions that will help you understand whether your business needs it.
If at least one of these conditions is met, we can help in solving your problems.
  • There is already a retail or wholesale chain of stores and you think about the development of your business on the Internet
  • You are a manufacturer of products or services and would like to organize your own sales system
  • The main sales are carried out through a dealer network, and you want to organize customer service for your regular partners, to gain a competitive advantage and automate the purchase of products supplied
But here are conditions under which we recommend to postpone the development of an online store.
  • Your business is in stagnation and development of the online store is the only chance to stay afloat
  • You have a retail network of clothing, i.e. repurchasing of products is the basis of your business
  • "These days every big company has online store, it is probably easy money, so I will make one meself"
If we could not dissuade you, please contact me in the form below, and we will make together the online store №1.

Business automation

Our company is an official partner of Planfix business automation system.

On the basis of this system we offer our clients a huge set of functions of control and construction of business processes for business. Today we have ready solutions for the following areas:
  • Implementation of KPI on the enterprise for a wide type of employees, automated payroll
  • Creation of a single call-center with integration to the CRM system and configuration of incoming calls processing logic. Keeping records of conversations, reports on the duration and number of calls
  • The development of the system of distribution of orders to the points of preparation of products of public catering, using different channels: telephone, website
  • Automatic receivables management system, with ability to send SMS/e-mail messages to customers
  • System of setting tasks and control of their execution by SMART
  • Maintenance of client base, system of reminders and tickets
Also, our experts will help to create requirements, debug processes and transfer them to the CRM system.

For a free consultation on the capabilities of the system, you can send a request via form below.


The main task of the promo-site is to ensure the sale of a particular type of service or products. We adhere to this concept in the development of such projects. Convenient and intuitive interface for the target audience, cross-browser and multiplatform layout of such projects allows to achieve maximum conversion rates for target actions. Promotional sites can be both well-known landing pages and sites catalogs offering the sale of real estate.

The main rule of such projects is — minimum of unnecessary and maximum of useful information for the target audience that came to the website.


By business sites we mean the development of corporate websites, media portals, developers websites. As a rule on such projects there is a specific logic of the site, which does not fit into the standard templates and is closely related to the business of our clients. Online ticket sales systems, city news portals with a management system for placing banners, bank sites with the integration of personal accounts or applying for a loan online — all of those fall into this category.
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