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Gradual payment system


In order to soften the financial burden on our customers, we at Magneex have introduced the gradual payment system. Here is how it works:

  1. At the beginning of the development, after signing the contract, within 3 working days after receiving the invoice, you pay 50% for the development of the technical specifications. The invoice is for the full cost of the work, you need to pay half of this amount;
  2. After the works have been approved, the technical assignment and estimates have been fully agreed, we sign the acts for the technical specifications, and you pay the remaining 50%.
    It is important to note that each stage of the work performed by us is the final product. For example, after writing a technical assignment, you can send it to several other companies for an assessment and request an estimate.
  3. After agreeing on the estimated cost, the next step is design. As with all other steps - we issue an invoice for the full cost of the work, you only pay half, and we proceed to work.
  4. The most financially difficult, in my opinion, is the fourth step. At this stage, the project manager defends the design layout of the future website, and after success we have two documents in our hands: the actual act of the work done for the development of the design and the printed design layout with our signatures. After that is the most interesting (in my opinion) step - HTML layout and programming.
  5. All work has been completed, the website has been tested and is already available via a permanent link on the Internet. The project manager transmits the project source code, files and database to the flash drive. After that a project acceptance report is signed with the transfer of the exclusive rights to use intellectual property to you. As in the previous stages we will wait for your payment within three working days.

This is how a financial model of our relationship with you is built.

Why is it beneficial to you

  • There is no need to pay in large quantities, which softens the burden on your business;
  • you pay only for the stage of work that has been agreed upon;
  • you have all accounting documents immediately;
  • at each stage you get a working product.

Why is it beneficial to us

  • Simplifies the management of financial flows of the company;
  • additionally motivates the project manager to monitor compliance with the deadlines;
  • an additional indicator by which we allocate the time of our team members.

This is how a gradual payment system is implemented in Magneex. Any questions? Be sure to contact me in the form below, and I will be happy to provide you with the details.

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